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A couple of years ago, dermatology was a very narrow branch of medicine - being limited to local treatment with medications of external use or general application of oral medications.

Currently, dermatology as a difficult and complex medical specialisation greatly evolved.

Apart from being a combination of many clinical branches e.g. internal medicine, endocrinology, allergyand immunology, oncology, vascular diseases, infectious diseases,sexually transmitted diseases ithas become afield of surgicaltreatment in differentareassuch asdermatosurgery, cryosurgery, vascular surgery(subcutaneous blood vessels), correctiveandaestheticdermatology.

Moderndermatologydoes not exist without its surgical part-an ophthalmologistoperateseyes,laryngologist operates ears-a dermatologisttakes care of thatwhat he knowsbest-the skin andsubcutaneoustissuesnot forgetting theskinappendages, i.e. hair and nails.

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