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Aesthetic dermatology

Aesthetic dermatology is now, according to the decision of Ministry of Health, a part of dermatology specialisation.

It is a medical approach born of the contemporary world demands.

Thanks to medical advances people can enjoy longer life in good physical and mental fitness. Because of natural desire of every human being to live long, look good and enjoy well-being, dermatologists and aesthetic medicine doctors are constantly looking for new and safer methods to make patients' dreams come true.

Preventing aesthetic flaws is the most effective and the cheapest way of coping with premature ageing. Symptoms of ageing in our culture are stigmas among younger and healthier groups of our society.

Patients often say "..I want to age with dignity.." but when asked about the meaning of it they seem to be unable to answer.

It is necessary to remember that the basic objective of aethetic medicine is to provide a patient with high quality of life - i.e. a life in good mental and physical shape, life that is not limited by any activities and finally, a possiblity of taking care of oneself and those who we love.

To achieve great results it is crucial for different specialists to cooperate both in medical field and other related areas e.g. massage therapy, wellness-based rejuventation therapy with essential contribution of dermatologists in the field of diagnostics and therapies.

Aesthetic dermatology allows you to keep beauty for a longer period of time or to regain it thanks to balanced diet, physical activities and treatments which can only be carried out by doctors and which include the following: lasers, injections, peelings and use of special equipment (microdermoabrasion).

Patients of clinics where professional treatment is carried out are usually healthy. The only problem that they have is a lack of acceptance of their own body related to overweight, cellulite and other skin flaws (e.g. pigmentation problems, varicose veins or wrinkles)

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